Find Your Place in Magical Space
Learning to go Deeper with The Field Guide Deck

Join Lori, the creator of the deck, for a relaxed and inspiring evening of working with the cards and learning new ways to see and hear the information they share.

We’ll cover the fine points of getting yourself, your surroundings, and your deck aligned for the clearest, most accurate answers. We’ll practice alternative ways to interpret the guidance and insight of the cards, and you’ll notice a bright difference, right away. We’ll be using the Field Guide Deck in class, and the skills you take home will enhance your work with any deck.
Guided exercises, card readings, questions, snacks, 
and more, held at the very inviting
Nightingale Health + Wellbeing Clinic!

July 7th, 7-9pm

$45 class only
$70 includes a deck at a reduced price

Nightingale Health + Wellbeing,
5128 N.E. 42nd Ave, Portland OR. 97218

Call to register: 503-442-4188 This class has limited space. please register by July 6th!

Meditation Group led by Mary-Frances Makichen happens every Wednesday night at 7:30pm at Nightingale Health + Well-Being. Mary-Frances brings 30 years of experience to this series, and is one of my favorite people I've met in Portland. This is a donation based offering with a limited number of seats available. We are having people RSVP through Meet Up