I love meeting people for the first time and am happy to answer any questions you may have prior to our first appointment. I understand it can be a leap of faith to work with a new practitioner so I'm happy to make it an easy transition. 

What to expect: Prior to your first appointment please fill out the initial paperwork that will be emailed to you after scheduling online. This is all managed by a HIPAA compliant program and is confidential. See details below if you would like to use your insurance and have it verified before our first visit.

At your first visit we will talk about your medical history, concerns and goals for about 30 minutes. After this, I will explain a little bit more about what to expect from acupuncture and what you may or may not experience while on the table. You will then be able to take a much earned rest and let the needles do their work. If your concerns call for it, we may incorporate cupping, gua sha, nutritional and/or lifestyle planning and a herbal consult. As you can see, a lot can be accomplished during our initial visit. Please do wear comfortable clothes that easily push up to your knees and elbows! Skinny jeans make my life hard!

After our sessions we will discuss a treatment plan that works for you. Optimally you will come in once a week until your acute symptoms are managed and then we will space out visits after that accordingly.

Fee Details:

Insurance: If you have insurance and want to check what benefits you are entitled to, please contact me and submit the following information 24-48 hours prior to visit: a picture of your card front and back, your date of birth and your address. I will work very hard to see that you can utilize your benefits that you have paid for. Most insurance policies do have a co-pay or co-insurance that will be collected at the time of your appointment. That being said insurance companies are getting trickier to navigate so in the event that they decline payment I will need to collect payment from you directly. If we do not verify insurance prior to the first meeting I will collect my time of service fee.

Cash Rate (aka Time of Service fee): Acupuncture visits are $75 per session. I do have a certain number of slots that are sliding scale based on financial need, please contact me to see if there is an opening for this.