Client Testimonials

I wanted to share these kind testimonials with you! I am humbled to work with these amazing people. I was lucky enough to meet many of these clients through referrals. Referrals are integral to sustaining my practice and I appreciate you telling others immensely! Thanks!

Kristen Dilley is awesome. When Kristen was treating or evaluating me I felt as though she was 100% interested in not only my physical wellbeing but my mental and spiritual health as well. I have to say her work was very effective in reducing my stress, helping me fend off illness, and deal with my problems sleeping. Before I saw Kristen I had terrible night sweats and after one session with her these night sweats disappeared and stayed away. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have Kristen as an acupuncturist or a friend. She has a warmth and energy in her that I think is very rare. -- Alice K.


When I first started seeing Kristen I was dealing with a variety of issues…circulation problems, migraines, stress. From our first session, Kristen dutifully listened to everything I had to say; I always felt my instincts and observations were acknowledged and taken into careful consideration. Kristen asked about everything going on in my life…she remembered the names of my family members and friends, even my dog. She did extensive research on a particular problem I was having, ordered blood work and consulted with a pathologist so she could look holistically at my health. Kristen’s vast knowledge and expertise, alongside her warmth and devotion to her clients is so very rare. She is a true healer. -- Meredith P.


My acupuncture experience with Kristen Dilley was painless, full of her joy and laughter, and always a pleasure. At the clinic where I met her, people were willing to wait hours to get treated by Kristen. Her connection with her patients made them feel cared for and uplifted, and her treatments were skillful and effective. She is a remarkable acupuncturist, and equally important, a remarkable person. -- Janet B.


I have been treated by Kristen and felt held with complete compassion. She was extremely knowledgeable of her medicine. All of my questions were answered and her acupuncture technique was completely painless. As a person who is a bit nervous with needles, her gentle voice of guided imaginary was very calming. She is a fabulous practitioner. -- Sonja J.


I can’t recommend Kristen Dilley’s acupuncture treatments highly enough! Kristen is a gifted practitioner who always listens thoroughly, assesses the situation with expertise and practices with a warm heart. Whether I was seeing her for stress related symptoms or an acute winter cold, her treatments always made a huge difference in my overall well being. Further, she has experience with both eastern and western herbs, deepening her ability to treat complex conditions or symptoms. At a time when the pace of life only seems to quicken, a treatment from Kristen is the perfect opportunity to slow down, be cared for and find a renewed sense of balance. -- Mary D.


Kristen listens to not only what you are saying about your body, but also to what your body is saying. She is skillful with needles and a genuinely kind soul. As a result, I received excellent treatments that were curative and calming. -- Heather B.


Kristen is an extremely thoughtful and careful acupuncturist. Every session I had with her was in a community room at an acupuncture school. The environment was attempting to be welcoming and quiet but was also filled with dozens of people shuffling in and out, whispering about their ailments, snoring. This sort of space would normally put me on edge but having Kristen there always put me at ease. Even though she was often treating multiple other patients at the same time, it felt like Kristen was practicing in a private space. Her questions and treatment never felt rushed. Her warm personal and professional demeanor were (and are) always calming. I came away from all treatments with Kristen feeling relaxed and in a better physical and emotional state than I’d been in prior to the treatment. The Bay Area’s loss is Portland’s gain! -- Kiersten Y.