I offer people a comfortable place to rest where they will not be judged for what they do or don’t do, that provides the potential for healing. I offer you a patient ear and practical sensibility in regards to your health care. You will leave your first appointment with a plan that is easily integrated into your daily routine. As a business owner and parent I understand the necessity of not not being overwhelmed by changes in my daily routine and I strive to bring that into our work together. That being said, I do view our work together as collaborative so some work on both of our parts will be required!

During our first meeting we will have an opportunity to review your overall health, primary concerns, and see which services are right for you. Reviewing your health history, along with the acupuncture treatment itself, will take approximately 60 minutes. 

Most appointments following our initial intake will be 50 minutes unless otherwise discussed. If possible please wear loose clothing that is easily pushed up to the knee and/or elbow. Also please make sure to have eaten prior to arriving so your blood sugar is nice and even!

Services may include the following modalities according to your individual needs: acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, gua sha, nutritional counseling and/or herbal consultation.  

I have extensive training and a great love for both Western Clinical Herbalism as well as Traditional Chinese Herbalism. Plants are one of my great loves! I am happy to see you for an herbalism consult if acupuncture isn’t your thing.

Looking forward to meeting you!